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The Powerful Gift of Peace

Peace is the beautiful gift that if we are honest we don't always unwrap. We find ourselves working extra hard to compensate for areas that may have gaps/holes. We find ourselves worrying about our family, friends, situations beyond our control, or even worrying about scenarios we've created... In the midst of writing our story, we've forgotten to write a Chapter on Peace.

Consider the circumstances in your life where you are not experiencing peace. Then ask yourself, Why?

Oftentimes we forget in our human form, we can only do so much...

It's easy for us to experience limited peace because we are trying to do everything on our own. Sometimes the gift of peace is unwrapped by being able to delegate tasks, surrender to release control, express needs/concerns, accept help/support, release certain expectations and allow life to smooth out the rough spaces.

As we navigate the rest of this week, my hope is that your joy will overflow and peace will be your portion.

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