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Rhea M. Adkins is a native of Dayton, Ohio. Ms. Adkins holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology/Human Behavior, a Master's Degree in Management, Life Coach Certification, Holistic Nutritionist Certification and Holy Yoga Trauma Sensitive Certification. She is also the author of two devotionals, "Jehovah Nissi-21 Day Jumpstart" and "His Masterpiece 31 Days of Devotion".


Rhea is the owner and recipe creator for Vegan It IZ Eats, a restaurant that provides vegan meals, products, cooking tutorials and catering services; located at 2nd Street Market in Dayton, Ohio. The mission for Vegan It IZ Eats is to create food experiences to keep others inspired, empowered and motivated to explore a plethora of food options beyond the Standard American Diet. The vision brings people together from different walks of life. She believes no matter where you've come from everyone loves good food. Rhea is passionate about employee retention, mental health and work environment cohesiveness through these, she also specializes in Team Building Workshops.

Out of all the amazing accomplishments, her greatest honor is being a Mother to her Son and Daughter ages 18 and 1. Becoming a Mom at the age of 15 challenged Rhea in greater ways. She pushed through every barrier/limitation and re-defined her life from a statistic to an example. She is a testimony of faith. No matter what, don't give up on you! Believe it or not people need what you have to offer.

Rhea is a creative force by nature and can also be found teaching dance or dancing, speaking, reading, writing, singing, acting, painting, playing an instrument, enjoying an art show, volunteering and raising awareness for individuals with Cerebral Palsy.


"See your dreams, then seize your dreams." - Ms. Rhea M.  Adkins 


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