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The Courageous You

People have no idea what you've had to go through to be you. You have overcome obstacles you never shared with a soul... You had to forgive people who truly didn't understand the weight of the pain they caused you... You have even been on the other side and received forgiveness from another. You have endured sickness, job loss, the loss of loved ones, transitions, moving from one place to the next and etc. You moved past circumstances that once made you feel trapped and caged in...

When you look back at how far you've come it's important to realize, the courage that you mustered up allowed you to be where you are today... The lessons opened up opportunities for you to build up your courage and produce change.

Being courageous is not just handed down, it's worked for. It's obtained. It's something you make a decision to do daily. Courage takes guts, consistency, discipline, grit, skill, wisdom and truthfully maybe a few tears. May you remember during times of fear or uncertainty that no matter what you are facing, there comes a defining moment when you will look back and find yourself on the other side.

In the midst of it all, don't forget how courageous you are... Cheers to you... "The Courageous You."

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