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Giving Your Best

One thing I've learned is "our best" changes from season to season. As life goes on, we learn, grow, change and view life differently. As we view life differently we improve our best. The best we have to offer during certain seasons may not be enough for some people but for others it's enough.

We only tend to beat ourselves up over not giving our best when deep down inside we know we are slacking... Slacking on goals, slacking on commitments/responsibilities, slacking on ideas, slacking on giving our best. There is no room for inadequacy when we know we're giving our best.

What helps me is remembering "my why." If I keep "my why" at my forefront, then it makes me want to give my best. During rough times where life is really having it's way, I know it's okay for me to step back and take a break.

As we show up today and every day thereafter may we commit to giving our best. On the other side of what we have to offer there are people who need and deserve our very best. Most importantly, we deserve to give our best...

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