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Let Go and Breathe

Life has this wonderful way of showing you that control is not in your hands, time is not on your side and people don't have to respond to you the way you think. These are lessons that many of us have avoided from time to time.

I have learned when we fall into the idea that our control is what fuels everything it leaves us frustrated and those around us even more frustrated. We often try to control the narrative in order to get our desired response... What if our desired response wasn't the best idea? That's been meeee, annnddddd still low-key kinda meeee (Ha)... Sometimes there is a gap between what we desire and what's best... We work so hard to fill the gaps in our lives that we miss the lessons in the process...

As you learn to let go, you will find that breathing gets easier, peace happens regularly and joy will overflow...

Take time to find areas where you can relinquish control and allow life's natural flow to move you...

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