Eat Well Be Well

I think one of the best joys in life is food. Ha! I don't believe I'd be alone when I say that... Food is used for many unique ways. It has been used to fuel us and comfort us. For me, it's the way I show love. There is something about feeding people delicious food that warms my heart.

When I think of the topic "Eat Well, Be Well" I think of eating a delicious meal full of nutrients... Something to sustain my energy. I've learned that eating well does not always mean the food will be sugary, starchy, deep fried and it may not taste as appetizing. However, I know it's good for me.

The idea of eating well comes with the feelings associated afterwards. How do I feel after eating this meal? We can tell the difference between eating food that has little to no nutritional value versus food that has nutrients. When I eat well, I feel well and I feel the difference in my energy level.

Thoughts: What is your favorite meal to eat? How do you feel after eating this meal? Rate your energy level on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being maximum energy.

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