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Better health and nutrition is on the forefront for many of us. We find ourselves wanting to start a new diet or find creative ways to loose weight or just be healthier. I challenge you to think about a few things. Health isn’t about a diet it’s about a lifestyle. Diets tend to be temporary and after the diet is over we often go back to our old patterns. Changing our lifestyle is what will yield lasting fruitful results. We are learning to reprogram the way we think. We are learning to reprogram our taste buds to start craving more whole and natural foods. Lastly, we are reprogramming our minds to be cognizant of what we put inside of our bodies. We must be in control of what our bodies crave and what we feed it. Living a plant-based lifestyle is not boring or bland. It’s full of colors, flavors, creativity and nutrients. Don’t focus on being a certain size or looking a certain way. Focus on how you feel. Focus on increasing your energy level. Focus on being able to conquer the next level of your workout. Focus on taking your health journey one day at a time. Focus on reclaiming your health and pursuing your purpose. Find what works for you and watch everything else fall into place.

In His Grace,

Rhea M. Adkins

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